About NutriChem


A Pharmacy That Focuses On YOU

NutriChem Founder, Kent MacLeod, on the cover of the Drugstore Canada Magazine.

After 30 years of helping people re-gain control of their health, and ultimately their life, NutriChem continues to represent a different kind of pharmacy. A type of pharmacy that treats each patient as an unique individual. The dedicated and professional staff at NutriChem realize that everyone is different and as such will never implement a cookie cutter approach to your health care.

Instead, this compounding pharmacy, laboratory and clinic will implement individual testing, education and research to provide you with a natural, science-based solution to your health problems, including depression.

NutriChem takes a holistic approach to your health and offers drug-free solutions that get the results you desire. So if you feel like you are losing your battle with depression, come see the professional staff at NutriChem and take back your life!


A Pharmacist That Works For You

Kent MacLeod is an award winning pharmacist and the founder of NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy and Clinic.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Kent opened up a different kind of pharmacy in the west end of Ottawa. He had a vision of creating a pharmacy that truly focuses on health by delivering patient-centered health care. Over 30 years later and NutriChem is still delivering incredible results while offering an unprecedented health experience that is centered around the patient.

Kent MacLeod’s passion and dedication to health and wellness has resulted in numerous awards including the prestigious Canadian Compounding Pharmacist of the Year Award, the Canadian Innovation Award, the Distinguished Practice Award and the Outstanding Service Award for Innovation.

Currently, Kent is the Clinical Director of NutriChem’s Biomedical Clinic, which allows him to work with each patient, individually. He is able to ensure that each patient receives the best combination of natural and conventional therapies for health maintenance and disease management.

Kent MacLeod Comparing Our Cars to Our Bodies